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Protect Yo Self Organic Soy Wax Crystal Candle

Protect Yo Self Crystal Candle

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**Restock! Please note this new batch is more purple than the black purple it was before. I’ll be updating photos once I’ve moved and settled into the new store! If you’d like to take a peek just send me a message and I’m happy to send a quick photo your way!** 

Protect Yo Self was created with empaths and highly sensitive souls in mind. To protect the energy field, absorb and transmute negativity, anger and ill wishes. Amethyst paired with Black Tourmaline packs a powerful punch, and Quartz amplifies their protective qualities even further. Adorned with biodegradable glitter and left unscented, so you can customize with the perfect protective oils that resonate the most with you! After the candle has formed a wax pool, simply add a drop or two of Essential Oil towards the edge of the pooled wax. 

Protect Yo Self Ritual Tip

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Visualize the flame getting larger and larger, until it surrounds you, growing until it surrounds your entire space, with a glowing flame of protective with light. Then visualize a violet cylinder that runs from the centre of the earth up through you, all the way to the heavens, connecting to source energy. Trust and know you are grounded, safe and protected all day. If you start to waver, take a second, take a deep breath and remember the protective light energy surrounding you. Call on it whenever you need a little extra energetic protection or support.

 Why Soy?

Soy wax has no toxins! It burns cleaner than paraffin wax and does not release dangerous carcinogens into the air. It leaves behind minimal soot. If you do notice your soy candle starting to produce some soot, try trimming the wick. Keeping your wick short will keep the amount of soot it produces to a minimum. 

Soy Wax is earth friendly! Soy wax is a vegetable byproduct, it's made from soybeans, so it's 100% biodegradable and a natural and renewable resource.

Soy Wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, meaning Soy Wax Candles burn 30%-50% longer!

Things you might want to know..

  • 100% Cotton Wicks
  • Organic Soy Wax
  • Approximate burn time: 30 hours
  • We only use 100% pure essential oils, that have been third-party lab tested. No added fragrance, just pure, therapeutic grade oils.
  • The Crystals in each of these candles have been cleansed multiple times, I've loved them up, and given them so much Reiki. I do my absolute best to send them off to you vibing as high as possible. 
  • Each Candle is Hand Poured in small batches right here in Stratford! Even though I Reikid the crap out of all these crystals, I Cleanse and Reiki each Candle all over again, before I carefully pack it up with love and ship it off to you! 
  • Made with lots of love, intention and magic

Never leave a burning candle unattended. After the candle has burned for 30-60 mins or so you may want to remove the larger crystals/pieces to avoid overcrowding the wick as this may cause difficulty relighting the candle.