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Iolite Crystal Healing Pendant

Iolite Teardrop Pendant

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This super dainty and delicate pendant sits at the base of the neck right above the collarbone. It looks great solo, but is also the perfect length for layering with another favourite necklace, or two!

You will receive a stone similar to the one pictured. Please keep in mind your pendant is made from natural materials, so it may vary slightly from the picture. Each stone is unique, just like the person who wears it! Also please keep in mind colour may be slightly different in person as it can show up differently from device to device.

Stone measures approximately 5 x 7mm.

Suspended from a 15-inch stainless steel chain and secured with a lobster clasp and a 2-inch extender chain for easy adjustments.

Iolite is a stone for vision! Iolite is also known as the Water Sapphire because of its ability to unlock visions and unleash creativity. It activates the third eye, and when all the chakras are aligned it facilitates visualization and intuitive insight. Iolite is used in shamanic ceremonies to assist in journeying out of the body. In contact with the auric field, Iolite gives off an electrical charge that reenergizes the filed and aligns with the subtle bodies. Psychologically it helps with understanding and releasing the causes of addiction, and helps you to express your true self, free from expectations of others around you. Mentally it helps to clear thought forms and emotionally it helps to release discord within relationships, helping you to take responsibility for yourself. It can help overcome codependency with your partner. Iolite creates a strong constitution in the bod. It reduces fatty deposits, lessens the effect of alcohol, and supports detoxification and regeneration of the liver. It also helps with the sinuses, respiratory system and helps to alleviate migraines.