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Tumbled Garnet Crystal Gemstones

Garnet Tumbles

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Choose between 1 or 3 stones. 

Stones measure roughly 20-30mm.

Please keep in mind these are natural materials, so they may vary slightly from the picture. Each stone is unique! Also please keep in mind colour may be slightly different in person as it can show up differently from device to device.

Your stone will be energetically retuned and infused with reiki energy and my own loving intentions before I carefully wrap it up for shipping or delivery. 


The word Garnet is derived from the Latin word granatum, which meant 'pomegranate' a reference to the stones similarity in form and colour to a pomegranate seed.

Garnet carries the energy of prosperity and the enjoyment of wordly pleasures. Garnet energy helps cultivate a sense of security, safety and abundance. It stimulates the root chakra and the heart, allowing for the manifestation of one's heartfelt desires in the world. It helps alleviate worry, panic and fear and assists one in maintaining a sense of calm and grounded connection to the present. 

Garnet helps us to connect with our physical body and find joy in the physical worlds. It's a stone of physical love and the relationship between loving partners, making it a wonderful ally for those who are hoping to attract or invigorate a romantic relationship.

Garnet has deep roots in many ancient civilizations, it was used as far back as the Bronze age and in Egypt. They were used in Sumeria around 2100 B.C. and in Sweeden between 1000 and 2000 B.C. They were also popular in ancient Greek & Roman Civilizations. Garnet can assist one in connecting with past life lessons from these civilizations by stimulating cellular memory.