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Amethyst Gemstone Crystal Tower

HQ Amethyst Tower (AMT59)

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This batch of towers varies in colour from a super light and icy lavender to a light smokey amethyst. A few of them are a darker punchy purple with lots of rainbows and phantoms in this batch. 

You will receive this exact stone! 

Base measures approximately 20 x 24mm.
Height measures approximately 43mm. 

Origin: Brazil

Please keep in mind these are natural materials, so they may vary slightly from the picture. Each stone is unique! Also please keep in mind colour may be slightly different in person as it can show up differently from device to device.

This stone will be energetically retuned and infused with reiki energy and my own loving intentions before I carefully wrap it up for shipping or delivery. 

Amethyst promotes love of the divine, encourages selflessness & spiritual wisdom. Opens intuition & strengthens psychic gifts. Sleeping with Amethyst facilitates out-of-body experiences & brings intuitive dreams. It balances & connects the physical, mental, & emotional bodies, linking them to the spiritual. Calms the mind making you feel less scattered & in control. Helps to assimilate new ideas & is helpful for putting decisions & insights into practice. Overcomes all kinds of blockages & addictions.