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Crystal Care Treatments 
Due to Covid-19, I am unable to take IN PERSON treatments at this time.
Remote Crystal Therapy Treatment

However, I am full steam ahead for REMOTE THERAPY treatments.

As a Certified Crystal Practitioner (CCP) and Reiki Practitioner (2nd degree), I will hold space for you and help facilitate the healing that YOU will do. This is all you baby! I'm just the facilitator here! We will call in your guides, cleanse negative or stagnant energy and any energy leakages you may be experiencing. We will realign your chakras. Helping to bolster inner strength, and tapping into unused energetic potential are all just some of the things we can do using crystals, light, positive vibes and intention!⠀

Sessions are 60 minutes long, and include a link to a private short youtube video recording of me talking to you about your session, showing you what crystals we used, how your chakras were before and after treatment, and anything else that came up. I also offer suggestions for homework to help you keep yourself feeling balanced and in alignment. I may even pull a card or two. 😉⠀I would be nothing short of honoured to support you on your self-healing journey. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


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