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Tough Times Never Last...But Tough People Do

This started as a social media post but then it became evident that it was going to be much too long for one post. A few days ago I poured my heart out and shared my pain and frustrations with these lockdowns, the struggle of trying to run my business since the shit show of 2020 and just life in general.

If you haven't read it and would like to know what I'm referring to, you can find it on Instagram HERE 

I'm still overwhelmed with your love and support. Seriously, ya'll are TOO fuggin sweet! I can't thank you enough for your words of support, messages and sweet surprises. I can still feel the love radiating out of the comments. I wish everyone had such a heart lead community of awesome humans to root for them and lean on when times are tough and trying.
I promise, I truly am okay. I have my tools and I'm no stranger to hardships. I've come through some pretty hard times, I don't think ya'll realize just how tough I am! 

Many of us are all struggling in our own way, but we're often only exposed to the best of the best online, the wins, the highlight reels, everything so pretty, fun, shiny and happy. It can become easy to get lost and feel alone, especially when it feels like your world is crumbling apart from under your feet. This is why I share my struggles and losses just as much as my wins. It also feels so important to me to be in my truth, even when it isn't all bright and fun and shiny.

The thing is our struggles and hardships make us stronger and build resilience. No, it doesn't really make it any easier when we're in the thick of it. It's kind of like weight lifting. Our muscles will not become stronger unless we work them to the point of damaging them. But with rest and time they heal and are even stronger next time around.

We can't expand without also contracting. It's all part of the process. Peeling back the layers to prepare us for the next level of deeper healing. 

A few things that help me when I'm feeling the heaviness of it all.

1. Simply sharing where I'm at. I'm not one to air my dirty laundry all over social media. But when I do share that I'm experiencing a challenging time, I feel less pressure and more okay with slowing down. If I don't let ya know where I'm at, I feel like I need to be operating full steam ahead as usual, but if I share that I'm having a hard time, I feel like it gives me permission to cut myself a little slack. Especially on the business end of things. 

2. Listening to what I need and honouring it. Right now I need to slow TF down, rest and play more. This is why I held off on the Live Sale. This is why I won't be extending my hours even though lockdown is over. I'm taking time to integrate, rest, heal and when my body feels ready, then I can pick up the speed again. 

3. Fresh air and exercise every day. If I want to take it a step further, a walk in the woods is pure medicine for my heart and soul. There are so many benefits to spending time in nature and physical exercise. We all know it, you don't need me to tell you why. 

4. Honouring my boundaries and saying no. This is not a time to be taking on extra projects. I need to manage my energy and that also means mindful about the kind of people I'm spending my time around. There are many people who are awesome and mean well, but suck the energy out of you regardless. I'm very mindful and intentional about who I spend my time with, even more so when I'm feeling depleted. 

5. Removing as many unnecessary tasks from my plate as possible. This doesn't mean they'll never get done. But do they need to be on my plate right now? If not, they can go on paper (so they're out of my mind and I don't have to worry about forgetting them) and I'll get to them later.

6. Clearing my energy and self care. I always have some Satin Spar Selenite handy to run along my energetic field and clear the debris away. My self care changes. Right now it looks like exercise 3 times a day and fully committing to myself and this exercise program I'm on. I'm also loving this Relief Tea from my pals Aimee & Steph at Earth Potion Apothecary. It's full of of herbs to relax and calm the nervous system, I ALWAYS make sure I have a bag on hand when I can feel my nervous system starting to get a little stressed out. 

7. LEPIDOLITE. All the Lepidolite. It's my number one anti stress stone. I have a huge chonk I keep on my bedside table and I will lay with it on my heart or keep it on my lap while I work. 

I'm going to cut it off here because this is getting kind of lengthly, but I hope it offered some insight on why I share what I share and hopefully you can find something in it useful for you if/when you're in a more challenging season. 

As always, I'm just sharing MY experience. Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest behind. 

Thanks for witnessing me as I am,

xoxo Desiree

PS. Here's a video I created sharing a super quick way to reset your energy.




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