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A Message on Love, Compassion, Humanity and Kindness

Regardless of where you stand on the mandates or what “side” you’re on, I hope you’ll join me in choosing love, kindness and compassion for ALL our fellow human beings. 

Regardless of what YOU believe, I hope you’ll remember that others are doing what they believe to be right for them.

I hope you’ll remember that the people you’re attacking online are humans. Someone’s parent, partner, sibling, child, and many of them are being spoken to in ways that I hope most people wouldn’t dare to speak if they were face to face, but from behind the safety of our screens, it seems no amount of hate is off-limits.

I hope you’ll see the hate, lies, and division being spread, and see that it’s coming from every direction.  We are all guilty, and the “it’s them our us” narrative needs to go.

The language our supposed “Leader” is using to refer to a certain group of people is sad, hateful, childless and unacceptable. It’s not okay. But that doesn’t mean we can stoop to his level. We can and must be better. 

This division is hurting ALL OF US.

Whether you see it or not, we are all connected. We are all having this human experience on this beautiful planet we call home. Everything we do creates an energetic ripple. Our actions, our words, our thoughts, our intentions can either help or harm. 

We need more unity, more love and compassion for our fellow earthlings. To put our differences aside and try to see and understand from a different point of view, putting ourselves in their shoes.

I know it’s frustrating. I know it’s scary. I know all the contradictory information is confusing as heck.

Most of us are living in fear. The years of lockdowns and isolation haven’t done us any favours. We have no right to judge anyone for doing what they feel is best for them in their situation.

Massive amounts of people are suffering and hurting right now.

In these unprecedented times, I call for more radical and unprecedented love and compassion. I call for unity. I call for non judgement. For we are all simply trying to do our best in this crazy world we’ve been thrown into. 

I stand with our truckers. I stand with our healthcare workers and other ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ workers. 

I stand with the vaxxed and un vaxxed alike. 

I stand with you ALL. Even those of you who have values and beliefs in opposition to mine, I believe we can disagree and still be kind to one another. We can disagree and it doesn’t make us enemies. Don’t lose your humanity in your fight for what you believe is right. 

I am holding so much love and so much space for the absolute best and highest outcome for ALL of us. 

I love you.

I see you.

I’m here for you. 

“Who are we, as human beings, if we ignore the suffering of others.” -Unknown

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