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Introducing Wellness Wednesdays/We closed for Retail on Wednesday now! 😘

Hey hey Crystal Fam,

It's me, Desiree, coming atcha from our new space and my fancy new office/treatment room. It's been a hot minute since I did a blog post, or a website update for that matter. There is still SO much to do since moving into this space, so much I haven't done, and so much that I had planned to do, and some of that I no longer want to! I seem to be in this space of transition upon transition. 

Since moving into this new space, I have learned alot and grown so much. I created the space I had dreamed of for so long, and then I learned that maybe this isn't what I actually want. I learned I do not love managing staff and being an employer. I learned managing the retail part of my business, on top of staff, and running a business, trying to be a human with a human life (what's that thing called work-life balance and how do I get it?!) SUCKS the ever loving life out of me. And while I love what I do, so very much, I'm learning that I am not that suited to it, or to it in the capacity that I am currently doing. I'm doing it all, and everything I am doing is entirely too much for one person. I've known this for a long time, and been struggling with it for a long time. Desperate not to let things go, I tried to come up with other solutions, but all my solutions led to me spreading myself thinner and thinner, and I know my old ways of *just work harder* will not serve me. 

One of my biggest milestones was hiring staff. But that is turning into one of my biggest headaches. I've always loved to be self reliant. And I LOVE my girls. They are amazing, we are friends in real life, and I couldn't be happier with them. With that said, managing people is the last thing I want to do. 

I've hired and fired my first employees. I never would have expected that I would let someone go so shortly after hiring them, but when the energy is off, it's off and sometimes it's just not a match. The two part time staff I do currently have are amazing, but it turns out they are both leaving me, and it just happens to be at the same time. I'm terrified of the Dentist, and let's just say I'd rather go have a root canal, no numbing, than hire another person right now, which sounds pretty dramatic, but it's that much of an energy suck for me. And if I'm being totally open and transparent with ya'll, we are in slow season in Stratford, and aren't sitting in the greatest spot financially at the moment, so even if an amazing person fell into my lap, we aren't in a position that we can afford to bring on anyone new at the moment. 

We reopened at 9 Market Place on July 22, 2022 after being open on Erie street for only 14 months! I invested so much time and money into creating this space and creating the healing rooms. And one thing after another seems to have been going wrong since we moved in here. It's all fine and dandy, don't you worry, but it has been a struggle. And I have struggled to get back to what I want to be doing most and why I even wanted to create this larger space, which is connecting with my community and sharing my gifts. I have not taken one single client. 

You can only beat your head against a brick wall for so long. What I have been trying just isn't working. So now I am trying something new.

I will be closing the shop for Retail on Wednesdays, and dedicating that day to my energy healing services instead. So at the very least, I have one day a week set aside to work with people one on one. I would like to eventually open up my schedule more, but I'm starting out with this for now. This will also allow me more time and space to create and expand on other offerings that have been brewing for oh so long now. 

Recently I took a week off in January to visit my sister and baby niece in Edmonton. It was very fun, but I came back more physically tired than when I left. 🤪 Playing and chasing a two year old around for a week when you're massively burnt out can have that effect I guess. So I closed the shop last week, and took the time to sleep, rest, cry, grieve and dream. I thought I was going to get all this work done, but I mostly did nothing. I've been struggling so hard for so long, and doing my best to keep my chin up, but sometimes you just need to give yourself the time you need to fall apart. Taking that time away allowed for me to take a step out of the chaos I'm constantly putting myself in, and see it for what it is. To take a good hard look at myself and the life I'm living, and finally allow myself to take my head out the sand and acknowledge that I'm not happy here. I'm miserable. I'm tired. I'm not taking care of myself. I'm disassociating. And I and I alone got myself here.

Basically, my entire life is crumbling and falling apart around me, not just my business and work life, but every slice of the pie that is my life right now, is a struggle. And it's time to stop fighting, and let the pieces fall. Some I will leave on the ground, some I'm not sure what I will do with, and some I will take with me, to create something new, that better serves me. 

I had to have this amazing experience to get to where I am now. And now that I've had it, I know that as it stands, this is not for me. There is more for me to do, and that is more aligned with my heart and my souls purpose. But I'm already a full container and stuffed to the brim. How can I possibly bring in more, without letting go of a few things that no longer serve me, to create that space that will allow more to come in.

So, basically I'm not sure what will happen or where I am headed. I just wanted to share this part of my journey with ya'll. I will be making some changes, one step at a time. First step, as I mentioned, will be closing for Retail on Wednesdays, and offering services on that day instead. We will also be offering more community events, workshops, and guest readers and healers. There is so much going on, changing and swirling in my world. But the exciting thing is, that I get to create something that serves me better, and allows me to serve my community better. 

This is just the beginning. Again. 

Always evolving, growing and expanding.

I am so very much looking forward to connecting with folks on my healing table once again. 

I am creating and recreating this space. We are so much more than just a crystal shop. 

With love and gratitude,



PS. If you feel called to work with me, my current pricing is below. I will be expanding on this and creating new offerings in the future. If you have any questions about my energy healing treatments feel free to shoot me an email, DM on my socials, or if you're local pop in and we can chat! I will also be creating a new system for my distance healing treatments and offering those once again in the near future. 


  • So proud of you for putting some boundaries in place and putting YOU first!
    I know first hand what this all feels like……..and know it feels almost impossible.
    But know your community, friends and the universe have your back!
    I cannot wait to see where this shift in energy and direction take you.

  • Good for you for recognizing this and looking after yourself! It’s so important these days! Transitions mean you are growing… keep growing! There is so much happening on the planet right now and such an influx of energy that we have never felt before. Our bodies need time and rest to integrate it all. I’m not one to really comment especially to a virtual stranger. I’ve only been in the shop a couple of times as I’m from the sarnia area but I couldn’t pass up a chance to encourage you to listen to YOU when you need a break and hang in there! This, too, shall pass. Sending you love.
    Kelly Graham


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