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“You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream"

C.S. Lewis

Hi, I'm Desiree

From the Burnt out Hustle & Bustle of Retail Shop Owner Life to the Slow, Soft & Soul Aligned Life

Shop Ownership just wasn't for me. I created my dream business and lived my best life, and then I wanted more! I wanted an even more fulfilling and aligned life. One that I'm better suited to and doesn't leave me perpetually burnt out. As much as I loved the beautiful little shop I created, it was no longer in alignment with the person I was becoming. Selling a crystal to someone didn't just juice me up anymore. However, giving them an experience, or supporting someone to overcome their own blocks in that did! And just like that, another level of what feels successful and fulfilling to me was born.


What I do

Always evolving! New products and offerings will be up soon!

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Tarot Reading

Tarot is a great tool for seeing into aspects of ourself and our life that sometimes we are too far in to see clearly.

I read my Tarot cards intuitively, tapping into whatever energy is most present at the time of reading, always intending that readings are clear, healing, evidential and beneficial, in the highest and best good of the client. 


Intuitive Energy Healing

My intuitively guided energy sessions consist of a powerful blend of Crystal Healing, Reiki and Sound Healing that will leave you feeling grounded and energetically refreshed, leaving the session feeling lighter and brighter. These sessions are intended to move and clear out old stagnant energy from the physical and energetic bodies. Each session is unique to the individual and the energies that are coming through.

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Life Coaching

I'm excited to finally offer Life Coaching, a collaborative process that ignites self-discovery and growth.  Coaching doesn't just give you the answers you seek, but empowers you to find you own unique answers and pathway. 

I'm here to walk along side with you, to help shine a light on aspects you may not be seeing, as you navigate your life's journey.


Upcoming Events

No events at the moment
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